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Disused spaces and how to turn them into something useful

Gentrification, potential danger and urbex. These concepts are not unknown nowadays and they suppose a big matter of concern to most inhabitants in big cities. How can we take a social profit of disused spaces without losing the armwrestling against real estate lobbyists and corporations? Our CIS students have a couple ideas about it, reusing abandoned spaces in their areas and taking as a reference the High Line Park and the Lowline Park Project in New York City. Here you have some of them, but there was plenty of great ideas in order to bring cultural, sports and social vibes to our towns.

PISA CINEMA - Cornellà de Llobregat, by Marc González and Iván Espinar

We have had several ideas on how to take advantage of the structure of the old cinema, but as in the neighborhood where it is located there are many elder people, we have decided that a retirement home would be ideal.

In the neighborhood of San Ildefonso there are many seniors who need help or someone to be with them during the day and the night, and this center would take care of making their days more enjoyable. 

LA RICARDA - El Prat de Llobregat, by Arnau Rodríguez

La Ricarda was originally an old farm in El Prat de Llobregat. We want to reuse this structure to create a social centre in the town for disadvantaged people who need shelter, activities focused on integrating in the labour market and a food bank.

PROJECT SWIMMING POOL - El Prat de Llobregat, by Sara Rejón and Iris Rodríguez

Our project is make is a swimming pool outdoors in a disused area, in the street next to the train station, where in the past there were train tracks, but is currently disused. We think it is interesting to build something useful for the public.


Have you ever heard of Poltergeists? Do you know about the Enfield Case? Is there any way to contact spirits? Our 4th year students Nerea Ballesta and Carla Coleto shed some light on these topics. Sit back, relax (you may also want to fetch some popcorn), and...don't turn off the lights!

ODD - An animated shortfilm by Paula Planas

Hey again!

Our cool, steampunking, rockandrolling, hardworking student Paula has finished her 2nd Batxillerat research project. It is a shortfilm in which she has dared to blend different animation techniques, from 2D illustration to stop-motion animation and 3D modelling. It's about how someone in a dull context can turn into someone different with a little bit of inspiration; a story about how odd we can get to feel sometimes but also how comfortable we can be feeling this way.

Thumbs up, Paula!! Keep up the good work! : )


Et maintenant, quelques éléves ont obtenu le DELF! Félicitations. On est ravi de cette réussite! : )

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That's it for now! We wish you enjoy your summer break to the top and get back batteries fully loaded. We'll do the same! Have fun, seize any chance to practice your foreign language skills, do something foolish and see you back in September! ; )

Election Day!

Turmoil's been pretty common in our country in the field of political matters. Thanks goodness some of our folks have a sense of humour to cope with it. It would have been great if some of our 1st Batxillerat students had been elected! Don't believe us? Check below!

By Paula Planas

By Elisabeth Ardèvol, Lucía Castellano, Irina Dominguez, Sheila Garcia and Alba Molina